the Official App of FIST OF THE NORTH STAR

How to use

Starting the app will display numerous memorable manga panels.

Clicking on HOME will display
a listing of characters featured in the app.

You can search manga panels categorized by characters.

Chose a manga panel and change the lines in the word balloon.
The dialogue section will display the original text. 
You can keep the dialogue as is or change it as you like.

* There is a limitation on the number of words that can be displayed in each word balloon.
* All the text will be displayed even if it cannot be seen in the picture file.

You can leave comments in the Facebook entries created by this app. 
Adding dialogue that matches the manga panel
will create interesting results.

Preview the panel once you change the panel dialogue.

If you are happy with the preview, 
then submit your manga panel on your Facebook account.
 (You many be directed to a Facebook service management screen depending on your settings on your computer.)

This is how the panel will look like once submitted. 
Your submission to Facebook was successful. 
We recommend you verify the results
by looking at your timeline on Facebook.

Wasn’t that simple? 
Now go ahead and use this app to get lots of attention on Facebook. 
We look forward to seeing imaginative dialogue you come up with!